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Wafugee helps you connect to people, places, products and services.

Wafugee is an interactive marketing web application that helps you to connect to people, places, products and services in one convenient location on the same page using single a dashboard.

Wafugee Social
You can create a Wafugee Profile, post stuff on your wall and chat. While chatting upload, send and receive files. Message your friends and other contacts; share something on your wall, share pictures, a link, take a poll, see who viewed your profile and set your privacy and publicity for the things you will publish in Wafugee. Businesses can use this portal to create a profile for promoting their products & services and brand their names.

You can create a Wafugee Event, such as, club parties, birthday party, nuptials, concerts and promotions, launchings, sports, games and competition, religious functions, etc. Insert the event’s address by tagging in Google Map; insert a photo; attach a link and a file to this event; see and plan for the number of persons attending. See events you are invited to, inform the host if you are attending and see who will be attending. Institutions and organizations can reach out to members of the public by creating and posting their events. Businesses can launch a new product and create their pages to inform their Customers and the general public about developments in their personal and product profiles. Customers can follow businesses and receive alerts when something new is added to the Business’s page.

You can see your List of Friends in Wafugee, their Profile information, activities on this site, postings on their wall; products, listings and other business activities engaged in. See incoming and pending friend requests; send your friend a message, share a thought, photo or a link. You can also manage your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts from this location.

Wafugee for Business
Wafugee skilfully merges social media and business on one location, opening new opportunities for marketing. Wafugee explores the use of algorithms and codes, filters and applications to align markets to consumers in a revolutionary search approach to target marketing.

1. Wafugee Classifieds
You can List your Vehicles, Machinery, Equipment and any Surplus Items for sale in Wafugee Classifieds.

- Post several pictures of your listings;
- A short description;
- A more detailed description including features, specification, manufacturer, model, serial number and price.
- Say where this item is located using our Google Map tagging feature; and
- choose “everyone” to see your listing as your preferred setting.

- Viewers will see the Seller who has created this Listing;
- Viewers can like;
- They can Comment;
- They can Share this item by posting it on their wall, on friends' walls, invite and email friends to see this item, and bookmark this item in other popular social sites;
- Print this item; as well as
- Contact the seller right here in one convenient and seamless messaging effort.

- Refine your search for your exact results by the use of several layers of filters.
i. Search by category;
ii. Search by Name of item;
iii. Search by Keywords;
iv. Search by Sorting by: Latest, Most Viewed, Most Liked, Most Discussed, and Most Reviewed;
v. Search by Time line; and
vi. Search by Address.
These filter layers will allow Suppliers to hit target markets the first time every time as well as help Consumers to find what they are looking for fast and easy.

2. Wafugee Products Directory
Businesses can Add the Products they supply to our Products Directory by clicking "Add Products" on the top. left under Products:
- State Product Name;
- Upload a Picture or several Pictures of the Product;
- Associate this Listing with their Profile or not;
- List up to three Categories and even Sub Categories as created by us;
- State the Quantity available - Limited or Unlimited;
- State the Price of the Product or type "Call for Price";
- State if this Product is Taxable (VAT);
- State Rate of VAT in Percentage;
- Give a Short Description of this Product;
- Give a Full Description of this Product;
- Include Tags for this Product - other names this Product is known by;
- Checkout Option: Questions to ask the Buyer at Checkout;
- Add New Questions (two more);
- See rest of Functions by going to "Products", then "Add Product" and complete the rest of the form supplied.

Other Features for Businesses including:
- Tag your business address in Google Map by drag and drop the map marker for customers to see your location in map and satellite views;
- Create an album to highlight milestones of your business in pictures;
- Add documents and wafugee supports several file types;
- Add products and services; add and manage news, photos, documents, location, events, followers, advertising campaign and a business page to post and share with your Customers deals and promotions; upload pictures to promote your products and open a store in our “Store” module. Consumers can search for businesses by categories, keywords, address, and distance by tagging in our Google Map Tool. Consumers can also follow, share information about this Business by messaging, email to friends and contacts and bookmark in several popular social sites.

4. Wafugee Employment Exchange
Wafugee has a comprehensive Employment Exchange in two modules listed as “Vacancy” and “CV”:
The Vacancy Module allows Employers to create and post a vacancy on wafugee. Click the vacancy tab on the task bar, type your job title, state the desired skills and experience required, describe the job, say if the applicant requires to know another language, qualifications required, location of the job, put a deadline for the application (and we gave you a calendar here) and set the publicity settings (in this case to Everyone). You can first save as a draft which will allow you to view before publishing and then hit Publish. We incorporate an edit function in case you need to go back and make any changes or additions to your vacancy. Job seekers can now find your vacancy published. They can share this with a friend or relative who is interested, share the link to their twitter followers and comment on their wall. If someone fits your requirements then s/he can apply to fill the position just here in Wafugee. The Applicant is allowed to state her/his name, upload a picture, provide an email, telephone number, and incorporate a resume by uploading a file from their computer, tablet or smart phone, or use their Wafugee or LinkedIn resumes. Hit your Apply Tab and that’s it! You have applied for this job in two minutes. The Employer can open a dropdown marked “Actions” in the vacancy tab and will receive and process all the applications right here. You will see the date they were submitted, can set a status for this applicant; download this applicant’s resume or all applicants’ resumes, view this applicant’s resume, reject, delete or pass this Applicant for an interview. You can now invite the Applicant a by email or message to an interview.

Resume. Publish your resume and adjust your settings in order to filter the persons/organizations that you wish to view your resume. Open the CV tab on the task bar and click “create resume” or you can “import your LinkedIn Resume”. List your basic information including your name, date of birth, gender, marital status, address, telephone number, email, upload your picture, set your privacy setting to “Everyone” or to “Job Seeker Group” or to “only me” until you are ready to publish. Click the update tab and you will now enter “Summary”. State your Professional Headline, Country and State you are authorized to work, location and current position, years of experience in the position, and a brief summary of the job you do. Hit update tab and move on to fill your “experience”, “education”, “skills” and “expertise” the same way. Continue and list your “certifications”, “language proficiency”, “publications” and other relevant information. Click the update tab and you are done. Go to the view tab to view your resume. There is a resume completion counter that will indicate your completion percentage; it will now guide you to full completion if any information is omitted. You can now fill the omissions and go to “My Resume” on the left scroll bar and publish your resume on wafugee.

5. Wafugee Realty. Go to our “News Feed” tab if you are not there already and open “wafugee Realty” on the extreme right of the page or type in your browser address bar and hit enter. There are several interesting features for the Realtor as well as the intended property buyer. Use the many features of this Application and enjoy an experience never presented in the realty business before Wafugee.

The Future for Wafugee.
Applications Development. We are very excited about the development of simple productivity applications to integrate your daily routine to the marketing and consumption process in major industries. These Applications will serve as the nerve center for aligning Suppliers to Target Markets in an interactive approach to the search for products and services, reaping significant productivity benefits for both Businesses and their Customers. We are developing a simple Task Management Application designed to integrate your daily tasks to Suppliers of Products and Services via items you will need to purchase to complete each of your tasks. It spans from “around the home chores, jobs and routine” to larger “construction undertakings and projects”, to the matter-of-fact “anything you have to do”. You will search and find suppliers, create your purchase orders, pay, consolidate and ship to your address right from wafugee.

Data Mining and Management: Wafugee will encourage data mining for business and personal consumption and is very encouraged by the amount of data available in public domain in all sectors and the ease with which we can incorporate these into its functionalities. We encourage users to send a link to us of all Government Ministries and Federal sites and Institutions for us to incorporate same for user‘s convenience under the heading called “Government”. We will be happy to entertain policy makers, sectorial stakeholders, organizations and institutions on board for providing basic public services. We are capable of custom design a wafugee portal for you to roll out your services in a very interactive web environment for public consumption. We will also custom build many other apps for making relevance to this new social and business setting.

Our approach to this project will like to see inclusiveness. We welcome each and everyone on board and will like to develop this project with all of you. We now take this opportunity to present to you “the wafugee way of life”. Send a link to your relatives and friends to explore this new “productivity search engine and application” for the Wafugee social and business experience. To use our mobile site go to Look out for our wafugee app coming soon!
Oh! And about the name, sorry! Wafugee is South American from the Amazon. It is a real word borrowed from the Arawak (An Aborigine Tribe) vernacular meaning “Boss”.